ES Tuesday 10-8-13

basic frame out and levels to watch today
No video below? Try this link: tuesday_10-8.swf

prefer to see them push down into the 66 area before thinking of longs...otherwise will try the fade above the O/N highs...ideally into the 73 area
trying longs from 65.75....high risk I think
taking something at 68.50...
great trade Bruce. Your opening trades amaze me. I am still sitting back thinking and you are doing
wow, that was quick...high risk but high reward as well....hearing of some press conf coming out at 10am from the gop...but could be just rumors...true or not, it certainly helped that long...nice one bruce

i also have that 71-73 area a first resist zone with 76.5 (yest vpoc and poc) next and 79.5 as the top edge of yest big bell curve (sthg bruce mentioned in his video)...81-82.75 and the gap fill at 84.75 are above

below the o/n lows i have 57.5-59.5 and then 53-55... i write we are back to the lows...guess that was a rumor after all (the gop thing)
I'm on second set of longs...trying to get above On highs up into key zone of 71.50 - 73
that 71 is more important than I assumed...I knew it MIGHT be something to watch but I thought the 73 area would have been thee spot....runners stopped on second try too....watching the 66 area again but will probably wait now until the IB finishes or if we can get back above 68.50....I think they might make single prints off the first 30 minute bar to get last weeks RTH lows......will just watch that one happen if it does

under that low of last week I have 60 - 61.50 as a possible spot to try longs if they can push that far
thanks for the good vibes rburns
trying one last long from 67.50 after the hit on 68,50......watching to see if they can finally reject yesterdays lows...this is small as it was initiated in the middle of the range and not at any extreme....68.50 is VPOC for me so I need it to get above there and stop fooling around with that.....66 will be a concern if we drop back to that now and will not try again until IB finishes
taking something at 69.75 and trying to hold two to see if I can get above O/N high and then last at 73......68.50 is center of the bell so we might come back down to that again
bruce, just sent u a pm...ignore the first one, the second one has the template