ES Tuesday 10-8-13

basic frame out and levels to watch today
No video below? Try this link: tuesday_10-8.swf

Looks like the dice are coming out your way
new lows will stop this out if I can't get 57.50 on this push up..bracket test needs to be done
last contract will try for the bracket test highs
Nice trade Bruce, I picking a apple from the tree as well, hoping for 1659.25
sorry for the late picture is my rth mp chart (orange line is poc and purple is vpoc)

i also had that 60.75-61.75 area bruce, but i chose to ignore because after such a long balancing period jsut above on the daily time frame, i suspected they were not gonna bounce off of that area just 1.5 pts it gut feeling

then i had 57.5-59.5...same reasoning as yours on the 59.5 (center of the second bell from the top on 9/9) but for the lower edge i was eyeing that j period peak from 9/6 (vah from that day also right there) hindsight, the 58.5 was a better lower limit (and we can still see that with all the rejection in the area in the past 60-90m)...58.5 was also the mid point on 9/9, but just missed it in my pre day homework

and then i had that 53.5-55.5 (i think i wrote 53-55 ) but it is clear that 55.5 is the center of the bottom bell from 9/9 and 53.5 is not only val for that day but also had that c letter pb before launching north

hope it helps

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one other thing i forgot to mention, is 57.5 is the vah for the whole balance we formed down here since mid aug to early sep (top thick blue line) is the chart....that is also why i had 57.5-59.5 area...good luck
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thanks Nick...what data are u using for your older lookback on volume ? Continuous contract ?..could you send me that chart template via email...I want to see how my data shows it and compare to yours
i use dtn...and i use the roll adjustmente they all the data would be for the dec contract accounting for all the rolls along the way

will send u the chart link in a bit
bruce, just sent u a pm...ignore the first one, the second one has the template