ES Wednesday 10-30-13

most important areas to me....

current On high and R2 and O/N vpoc 1772- 1773.25.....I'll be selling into 71.75 anytime after 9 a.m.

weekly R2 and yesterday close and highs 1767.25 - 1768.50...I'll be buying into this anytime after 9 a.m but will need to see 67.25 print again in O/N session first...not 68.50

VA high, daily pivot, O/N low and POC 64.75 - 65.75

Current O/N midpoint is also close to R1 today...I am using that as a target only in RTH...midpoint should print today in RTH
i need to see them back under that close of yesterday before trying the short
selling 67.75 and risking part of measly long trade will only be LVN at 66
69.75 will stop this out at a loss....just above that volume node.....this is low volume gamble but at least they are trying to puncture our first zone
the O/N low and the 66 is an LVN...see Nicks best to come out heavy and hope you can get a runner to official VA high
Bruce is threading the eye of the needle fun to watch
they are so close ...flat here.....not worth holding to me for POC in the center just in case buyers step up here...if they hadn't tested the O/N midpoint or we had some other probability then buys here would look better to me...but since we already tested the O/N lows, a previous days range and the O/N midpoint , what is left ?
maybe fun for you but I was sweating out that last one....

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Bruce is threading the eye of the needle fun to watch
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es 12 13 10 min 10302013
yeah, agree that it is when areas are so close by
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yep, that 64.5-65 area is the center of yest afternoon distrib (albeit a small one)...lots of small areas pretty close to each other unfortunately

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I prefer the buys off the lower area...near 65....that 67.25 - 68.50 is a more aggressive trade and would trade lighter there

for fun I'm watching some guy who is a ninja partner selling software and a webinar......only $5800 ...LOL.....I asked him for statements yesterday for fun as I always do....he tells me " no he cannot give any" bacuse he trades for a private client but HE himself has been trading since 1996....thses guys just kill me...!

he makes so much money for himself or his client that he needs to sell software....go figure!
sorry for the video PT but typing that out would have been too complex for my simple brain........also what is fisher indicator...? I will search on line for the answer too....don't expect you to do ALL my work..
No video below? Try this link: questions_for_PT.swf