ES Wednesday 11-6-13

heres how I have it....My market profile chart may have an incorrect volume it looks like the single prints I mentioned at 58 go well with the VPOC at a key number if that data is correct...Can someone confirm that VPOC? 68.25 is R2 today..forgot to say that
No video below? Try this link: wednesday.swf

had started the topic today, so bringing over what i had posted earlier

here's what i have

i don't like it when the vpoc and poc are far apart, and that 60 area bruce mentioned yest is surely worth mentioning...we have broken above the balance of the past 4 days and we are testing the upper edge (64) as i type....i think the 62-64 area will be key early this morning

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the 64- 65.50 will be the deciding factor now to see if we go get last weeks highs or back to 58 - 59....doesn't mean we can't take trades short above it or longs below it but that is the key.
i will be selling 1769, and /or 1774.25.. i would be a buyer around 1758.50.Charts later if anyone wants
love your charts Kool
I'm short right into the 65.75....better plan is to see them flush out the open and get that On high...targeting 62.75...small and this is aggressive to right inside that O/N bell
It would be great if we could see open print be the high of this swing...the open and drive down...don't think we will be so lucky but hope so
i enjoy your charts too Koolio...while I don't trade like you I always check em out.....and often we have lots of confluence
sorry Nick..I'll have to check better for the topic being started....I apologize...

revising target to 63 even...looks like they are gonna mess with me
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es 12 13 15 min 1162013
let's see if we can catch a breakout of this narrow range in this last hour of trading