ES Tuesday 9-16-15

I have nothing great today but will be watching 72.50 - 75 as a magnet zone.....I don't plan to initiate trades in there and I'm hoping to use that area as a magnet depending on where we open...I will also be watching to see if we can build some time and volume above YD VA highs for a possible chance to run up into the 81 - 82 standard pivot numbers closely today as they should print at least two again....hopefully it won't take all day like yesterday.......FOMC on Wednesday so we may be in for more low trading range reports at 10 today

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I didn't get time to post about the overnight profiles so here is a screen shot...right side is On and the one before it is yesterdays day session...I think it will be best to let them push out under 71.75 ( va low) in the day session before thinking about a long trade....note where the POC and vpoc's are from O/N session compared to YD's va highs and lows
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damn..they are leaving me no choice again so I am buying in 70.50...small as I do not want to get caught in a landsllde if somebody decides to frontrun FOMC wednesday..72.50 is target on trades from the 69 - 70.50 zone but will watch that va low closely if we do get the pop back up
midpoint was final for me and this was SMALL......
pivot players would have been satisfied just about...that would be two levels hit....
they sure are making it look like they want that volume at 76 - 77 ...we'd have to see 73 hold for that.......just sayin and not playing
I have a lot of volume flowing in at 78.50 and a LVn at 76 still that may need to be filled in short bias now above YD rth highs......we know if we are wrong then they want that volume up at 82 still....any short will have to watch out for that 78.50 first on downside
they have gone from s1 to r1 today...
starting a second short campaign at 81.50 ...I know that 82 is there.....I like the odds of returning to 30 minute breakout high the back of my mind I keep thinking about front runners of going lighter 78 has the volume now below and that LVN is still there if we happen to actually catch the high...
weekly pivot I have as 81.75 so lots of stuff up here...some will look to that as a if fading it's best to start small in case they get their objectives..and best to come out faster too..
78 - 79.50 is critical real question's YD's the battle gets waged here now
fridays official POC was 81 I had no problem taking the short even though I thought I'd be early.....the problem I had was thinking this might have kept running thinking can get in your to just trade the levels and try to turn the brain off that scares you .....easier said than done
We could trade over 2 mil today, if my data is correct that is. 1.915 coming into the frenzy