ES Tuesday 9-16-15

I have nothing great today but will be watching 72.50 - 75 as a magnet zone.....I don't plan to initiate trades in there and I'm hoping to use that area as a magnet depending on where we open...I will also be watching to see if we can build some time and volume above YD VA highs for a possible chance to run up into the 81 - 82 standard pivot numbers closely today as they should print at least two again....hopefully it won't take all day like yesterday.......FOMC on Wednesday so we may be in for more low trading range reports at 10 today

No video below? Try this link: tuesday.swf

I didn't get time to post about the overnight profiles so here is a screen shot...right side is On and the one before it is yesterdays day session...I think it will be best to let them push out under 71.75 ( va low) in the day session before thinking about a long trade....note where the POC and vpoc's are from O/N session compared to YD's va highs and lows
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WHAT IS iT BKAY ....damn cap lock..sorry that investor rt with dtn ? I don't want to go back to YD thread...
Yes that is correct
anyone else have that flip up to 93.25.....? the way Ib bundle the volume is killing me ...
i don't vpoc for me still down at 79.5 (inv rt with dtn here)
covering this at 91 and holding one measly just in case they wantto sell it off hard...otherwise runner will get taken at 92.75
yes...that's what I have too...nevr got a flip...
Originally posted by apk781

i don't vpoc for me still down at 79.5 (inv rt with dtn here)
Maybe I got some bad data here
I wonder why you both have IRT with dtn and one of you got a flip but the other didn't......
Yes very puzzling
my last is either gonna get that 89.75 I've been blabbing about or is gonna stop out on this push up.....
We could trade over 2 mil today, if my data is correct that is. 1.915 coming into the frenzy