ES Tuesday 9-16-15

I have nothing great today but will be watching 72.50 - 75 as a magnet zone.....I don't plan to initiate trades in there and I'm hoping to use that area as a magnet depending on where we open...I will also be watching to see if we can build some time and volume above YD VA highs for a possible chance to run up into the 81 - 82 standard pivot numbers closely today as they should print at least two again....hopefully it won't take all day like yesterday.......FOMC on Wednesday so we may be in for more low trading range reports at 10 today

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I didn't get time to post about the overnight profiles so here is a screen shot...right side is On and the one before it is yesterdays day session...I think it will be best to let them push out under 71.75 ( va low) in the day session before thinking about a long trade....note where the POC and vpoc's are from O/N session compared to YD's va highs and lows
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final for me is at market and 78 print.....even though I think they may want that lvn at 76 - 76.75......IB is in and I don't know from here..not willing to do battle anymore
Nice job as always Bruce, Appreciate the running commentary. I still don't know how you keep up with it. Just know it's appreciated.
nice trading Bruce
single prints on ib high is a no-no.....i wouldn't be surprised to see that filled in but the question is when...? lets see it do some work on 85 first otherwise we don't need to think about it....thanks for the support today !!
I'm taking small sells over 1990.....I haven't seen big volume up here yet so that is a concern.. 92.50 - 94 is my next key spot up here if these front runners keep pushing...otherwise you want then to get under 89.25 to go back for 86.25 - 87.50 and lower
going in at 91 short...weekly r1 is that 92- 94.50 is edge I am watching...just trying small stabs and will not add....this is trading outside my I'll try three times up here but will not trade after 1:30 today on thses shorts
taking something at 89.....this is previous volume area and if support is coming this could be the place........
I think eventually vpoc will flip to 89.75 and we are above that still favor sell side.....they all see that 92 area above that we are only a few tics away from if you are taking shorts still at the 91 then be prepared they may flush up and use 89.75 as the magnet
the only way the 89.75 can become vpoc is if we come back down to it and create some we will need to come down...
ok this 92. 94.50 is our zone to work...not that we want to be stupid as we are trending in front of FOMC tomorrow....but lots lining up anything above 92.50 is targeting the 91.50 breakout the higher up the better to initiate.....if this zone fails us then they are pushing for 96 - 97's that work the zone....I'm starting at 93 and don't want to see 96 on this second fade up here...
We could trade over 2 mil today, if my data is correct that is. 1.915 coming into the frenzy