ES Tuesday 12-16-2014

Today's SD bands. Good luck to everyone.
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In O/N we came pretty close to the 1 SD band so I consider that to have already been touched in O/N
since it looks like we might open outside YD VA, should we be taking trades off the 1-min breakout?
There is a gap from 10/28 of 1958.5 to 1961.5. O/N stopped just above that. Let us see if they close that gap today.
If there is a gap open, watch where value starts to develop:
Above 1974.50: look for a long entry
Below 1974.50: look for a short entry

(My current bias is to the short side).

And as always: I am on open drive alert...
how I see it....key areas for me ar 71 -72, 67 and then 62-64 on downside....on upside I will be watching 1980 - 81.75 and then I have two time zones which are close by at 85 - 86 and then up at 88 - 89.50....pivot is here a big zone ( 85 - 90 ) that is best used as a magnet and would be harder to initiate from...
No video below? Try this link: tuesday.swf

also some greenies from 1965-66 on 10/29. We have S1 at 67 so there should be a zone there
yes you could do that and always be prepared to see where that one minute it harder to buy/sell a breakout if they happen right at one of your key support or resistance numbers....u may also need to take multiple tries....

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since it looks like we might open outside YD VA, should we be taking trades off the 1-min breakout?
markets like to trade to volume...I have untouched greenies down at 62.50 from 10-30 and one from yesterday at guess is that they will go for the 79.50...we are set to open right in between the break out traders may get a good run if u can will print today...I just don't know which one !!
starting small longs at 71.50......very small..try to get back to YD rth lows...and then O/N midpoint...hoping not to get run out ...seems 67 will be better long minute to go
took loser at one minute low break...buying minus 4 and will add at 67.50 if it prints
bringing this fwd in case it got lost in between posts...if u r still reading this Bruce an explanation of what u look at in those scenarios mentioned below would be great thanks

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right, was thinking the same thing...trying to understand how u filter between zones that a priori are good based on market profile stuff once price reaches them...i use internals and tick but from what i see that is not sthg u use would love to understand better why the pitbull was good and the 94-96 wasn't given taht price did not stop pause really at any of them


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there was no pause at the -4 number this AM. do you not look for pauses in the pitbull then?