ES Tuesday 12-16-2014

Today's SD bands. Good luck to everyone.
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that's me gone at 2000.50...I have volume at 2000 even...gotta run...xmas shopping with my lady.....yes sharks about a foot of snow which I never mind but that power outage was a real drag... cya all in the morning
Notice how the move from 1976.25 area is on its way to being retraced

Huge range today
Shark, are you thinking of the cash price at 76.25?
bringing this fwd in case it got lost in between posts...if u r still reading this Bruce an explanation of what u look at in those scenarios mentioned below would be great thanks

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right, was thinking the same thing...trying to understand how u filter between zones that a priori are good based on market profile stuff once price reaches them...i use internals and tick but from what i see that is not sthg u use would love to understand better why the pitbull was good and the 94-96 wasn't given taht price did not stop pause really at any of them


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there was no pause at the -4 number this AM. do you not look for pauses in the pitbull then?