ES Tuesday 12-16-2014

Today's SD bands. Good luck to everyone.
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what does that tell you? that since we failed to take out that 1-min low after breaking out of the high, the market had a high probability to continue moving up? and if it had been violated, there was a higher probability of the move down?

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notice how the one minute low was never violated once we came out of the one minute high....that isn't true for the one minute low breakdown...
No open drive today.

Although value is developing lower, I'm starting to think long 1974.50 now.
They might want to see what is above yesterday's VAL 1981.25
Hope current poor high will help.
That is it for me for today.

Thanks Bruce, New Kid for your thoughts.

Have a nice day, everyone.
good call Aladdin. Looking good so far...
Other time frame players at it again

Should be a fade in here somewhere...IMO
Shorted above yest VPOC its trying to hit my stop we will see
stop to close to market, may have to retry
shorted again around 84.50 trying to get a break below this 81.50 area
does anyone follow large market caps stocks in the NDX?
WHy is NQ down 30 points?
81.50 held up out w/ a few tics
bringing this fwd in case it got lost in between posts...if u r still reading this Bruce an explanation of what u look at in those scenarios mentioned below would be great thanks

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right, was thinking the same thing...trying to understand how u filter between zones that a priori are good based on market profile stuff once price reaches them...i use internals and tick but from what i see that is not sthg u use would love to understand better why the pitbull was good and the 94-96 wasn't given taht price did not stop pause really at any of them


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there was no pause at the -4 number this AM. do you not look for pauses in the pitbull then?