ES Tuesday 12-16-2014

Today's SD bands. Good luck to everyone.
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will try longs since vpoc shift higher
Long form 84.50 an Composite HVN held up

sorry for late post
Nice read on YD vpoc becoming support, Shark!
odds favor a return to 87 - 88
hour high and O/N poc is there...a no-no to break through and try to leave singles
Actually I was working off a Volume Profile chart. Saw 81.50 held as support then looked for entry long 84.50 held on a retest (which ius hard to see on this chart). That was my premise.
Originally thought they were going to retest the earlier breakout but when 81.50 held looked for longs

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es 03 15 3660 tick 12162014
this is third thrust up if u look at 5 minute pushes..nice to see them take out the double top and then roll over near VA high from YD
I wonder if PAUL9's post from yesterday about the VIX and the S&P will start to play out??
wow..I couldn't be more wrong !!...gonna try a sell from singles from YD and above 1 sd band...R1 at 04.50 today might be a good short
took loser at 05.75....trying again from 08.75
bringing this fwd in case it got lost in between posts...if u r still reading this Bruce an explanation of what u look at in those scenarios mentioned below would be great thanks

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right, was thinking the same thing...trying to understand how u filter between zones that a priori are good based on market profile stuff once price reaches them...i use internals and tick but from what i see that is not sthg u use would love to understand better why the pitbull was good and the 94-96 wasn't given taht price did not stop pause really at any of them


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there was no pause at the -4 number this AM. do you not look for pauses in the pitbull then?