ES Thursday 1-22-15

Watching 36.50 - 39 ( 1/2 SD band off weekly is here too)very closey as key area to let us know if they will go back to yesterdays highs, the 29 - 30 area and the greenie at 26.50...otherwise they should go back up for O/N highs up at 46 - 48 as a goes over the lines if u have time
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a chart of key zones

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30 min VPOC @ 25
24.75 seems ripe for a retest...breakdown point today was from 34 - 35 and will use the 29 - 30 .......that's where sellers pushed hard.....that is only two places I will try any small short from...otherwise I will sit aside
coming out heavy at 25.75 just in case
will try to hold two runners...problem is they may monkey around that vpoc from YD...that greenie
a 30 minute high or low gets broken a huge amount of times and u don't often see the market stay inside the first 30 minute all day.....runners just got stopped out
this is the third time they are testing 30... i wonder if it will give away now..
will try one last short if 34 - 35 prints...but will go even smaller as we will be above the current days midpoint and above YD highs and that 29 - 30 LVN
although I don't trust them as much I have a greenie from todays session at 36.25 and one down at my shorts here no they have a greenie just above that they may push for ...short from 34.50 and now 35.50 and not liking it....very small
using 32.25 as target
flat for a small loser at 35.25
odds favor multple tpos at last weeks highs so i expect a retest today and/or tomorrow morning