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ES Thursday 1-22-15

Watching 36.50 - 39 ( 1/2 SD band off weekly is here too)very closey as key area to let us know if they will go back to yesterdays highs, the 29 - 30 area and the greenie at 26.50...otherwise they should go back up for O/N highs up at 46 - 48 as a goes over the lines if u have time
No video below? Try this link: lines.swf

a chart of key zones

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I have a lvn that formed today at 34 but the problem with trading for that off our 36.75 - 38.25 zone is that they could easily push up and out to the 30 minute it would be best to take multiple small stabs off lows of high bars
ok..that's it for me.. a small trade which didn't do much more than make up for that last loser and a small profit...we are back in a LVn zone from screen got cut off but look at 1-13 one one minute and you can see breakdown point...also look at single prints from that day and todays first video if you need to see that better
No video below? Try this link: entry_.swf

another day of somebody voting down posts......I think they should vote all of mine down to be consistent......always so strange to me...sometimes I think it might be somebody who lost money by following my post or a video...gheesh...I would only hope that everyone is doing their own work and coming up with their own plan.....

but vote me won't stop me from posting or making money
that is strange but ignore it. there is nothing to be gained by thinking about it. i wish there was a way to know who has given you a thumbs up and who has given you a thumbs down. all so that i know who appreciates what i post. more like feedback. but oh well, dont worry Bruce... its all good
a look at how our lines have played out so far today
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when i watch the video from your link..come back to the forum my votes have disappear.could that be the voting down your talk about?
a nice failure at the hour high will have us trading back to 36.75......and the bulls want to see this win to get up to that 44.25 and even 47 the simple fact here is we will either go up or we always do....but the Ib can help in your bias
i'm not sure duck.....maybe a glitch in the software or a glitch in my sometimes fragile self ego.....
Originally posted by duck

when i watch the video from your link..come back to the forum my votes have disappear.could that be the voting down your talk about?
single prints at the hour high and 44.25 and 47 - 48 would be your two areas to concentrate on for shorty trades...if you believe that the IB doesn't usually have single prints left at it without filling before days end...
so you would be expecting a retest down towards that 41 area
odds favor multple tpos at last weeks highs so i expect a retest today and/or tomorrow morning
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