ES Thursday 9-29-16

Messing with my TOS charts is the basics of how I see usual I will revise and check MP charts with overnight action in the morning

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I think it's best to use the areas that have the most me that is the 57.50 - 58.5, the 53 - 54 and the 48.50 - is another view..with the time histogram on the one minute included

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500 lot sold at 63.50..
bingo i am done
trying for my 60.5 again......first target...then 59 and then the On lows...but that has been the plan all day and only part of the plan - the 60.5 has been working so far...
c' time is running out
its coming bruce other big lot sale at 61.50
spy...october week 217.5 's paid 52 bucks for them
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do you have calls on ES or SPX/SPY?
scaling heavy at my old pal of bell....from YD..see first post for any newbies here
63.75 will stop out runners...terrible risk to reward to get that stubborn 59 and ...risk reward is ok for the overnight low but that 59 the R/R is way offf the closer we get to a target
i played NQ today instead of ES- much cleaner on the short side
ES had a much of selling but price wouldn't move down much- relative strength- so used NQ
I thought this was interesting as usual - it drives home the concept of how often high time prices get retested when the market just passes through them as if they aren't for those that trade more often you can look for trades AT the high time areas but if you don't get signals and volume clues then you can look at other areas and use the high time areas as the moral of the story is this - Most times high time areas that get blown through sees price come back to retest those areas...

here is todays EOD chart with only the 3 high time areas I mention last night on the chart.....

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