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Looking for shorts..

down to 1465 and 1456 this week...perhaps monday.....
I think if we can get through those double 55's at the lows then 53.75 at 51.25 will print today...the only problem is that the market is bouncing off that area and people may be flattening ahead of the presidents speech....
Screen shot of area that may be tested....double horizontal lines....

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Interesting that overnight high or low hasn't traded yet either...I think you can make a fortune if you can figure out which of the following will break first:

1) overnight high or low
2) First hour high or low
3) Monday and Tuesday High or low

Ok here is test I this is critical for short trade to work...this zone needs to stop advance or my remainders are taken out

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Here's a follow up..I got the 53.75's and trying to manage and post this.....that zone held to the tick....very cool!! They should come back to 55 area soon so need to plan last stops...hard to post and trade.
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filled at 52 on that and holding one contract to see if I can get that weekly 45 area....triples sat at 51.75 ..(incorrectly posted in above posting at 51.25)...single horizontal line shows where these where on overnight session ( actual triples on bar chart not shown)...overnight low is 50.25...not traded to yet...

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just covered at 44.75...Monday-tuesday low is/was 45.25....
They used that 1555 area as resistance...Important points to consider from todays postings...

They're going to run out the first hour highs or lows
They're going to try and get the overnight high or low
They're going to watch for triples and mini-singles
They like to break through the Monday - Tuesday range

Last point...don't trade and post!!!

Here is the chart..note big volume surge to break Monday - Tuesday range

Unless we trend they may bring it back up to test the 50 -51 area...this campaign is done for me

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seems like with weekly pivot at 1529 shorts up at 1546.75 in overnight.seem cool..previous weeks close seem like easy 1542.25
Excellent trading pt and thanks for that great explanation Bruce!
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