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Looking for shorts..

down to 1465 and 1456 this week...perhaps monday.....
woke up this morning to find I was down 700 dollars or so ( 1 carat play) but I waited till it came down to 852.80 and got out...loss.( 849.90 short) I went long at 852.70 and out 856.20 and long again at 853.10 out at 856.40.

I was wrong with my short assessment...I keep forgetting...If pivot has been hit once and not broken..the trend is up.

I am on sidelines....till tommorrow.

A short play is coming but since new high was made a new slope must form.

Nice recovery boots....I added at 85.25 and will look to take some off at 82.50

If I can...seems like this wants to run higher
got 80.75 and have two left..tightening stops
78.75 is final fill on this campaign
man oh man...too much fog

I trader I chat with told me at 10.43 est..there would be pressure on ER at 1:00 pm est and his upside target was 858.

I did not believe him.....I was on sidelines after my trades..but did take the short due to him at 857.40...his target was 841-839.. I got out ( 1 carat) 10 pts...but it went down this trade belongs to him....he got out at 839

HOWEVER....GOES TO SHOW YOU THE PIVOTS DOES GET HIT....836.70 LOW as of this writing....

Now if only I had stuck to my guns..and been lkg for that short....

This last today had me confused....
sorry his upside target was 858.40
Looking for shorts up in this 60.75 area....I think a retest of 53-54 may happen....will add up at 65 area and adjust target if needed...57.50 seems like a sure thing...and will pair out if allowed...LOL...we know how that goes....
paired some at 57.50..( there where overnight triples there)stop at break even on balance and will try for 53.75 on next set....Bush speaking at 10:45 eastern time....not sure if we will chop or trend..keeping a close watch
something I am trying to keep in mind...: market hasn't broke the Monday- Tuesday I believe good odds they will push to the 1575 zone or the 1545 zone...with prices in the 1560 area we are at the midpoint of this range...( Current weeks high and low) but the million dollar question is WHEN....with the gap filled from Monday to Tuesdays day session seems down may be the way to take this...
paired some at 55.50 and stop is at 59...on last package..I think they may retest the 58 area so trying to stay slightly out of that range...
Excellent trading pt and thanks for that great explanation Bruce!
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