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Looking for shorts..

down to 1465 and 1456 this week...perhaps monday.....
in at exist at 52.50...should get tested..and key support now...will explain failed short later
revising initial target to 53.75..
added at 59.25....same target
I will explain how I lost on my second trade of the day later...for now anyone can draw lines on their charts in the key window numbers of1447.50, 1450 and 1452.50

This is my last trade posting on here as I was waiting for the losing day to explain how and on what kind of days I lose..obviously the Trend day........

I have just gone short 3 contracts only at 1474.75..with a plan to hold overnight if needed.....
covered one at 1469 and stop is at B/even..65 next target
Thanks for the updates Bruce. Your openness and honesty in documenting your losing trades as well as the winners is very refreshing.
I got the 65 here in overnight and took last contract off at 63.25..this a single print area so I don't won't to overstay my welcome...I'll conclude this with a recap of yesterdays losing day when I have more time////..looks like the 67.50 - 70 area will be key this morning if anyone has any buying power left
Looking for a possible short to setup here at resistance:
NQ zone starts at or above 2105,
zone for shorts in the ES looks to start around the 1472 level.

Hang in there Bruce ! Keep your stops tight on trend days...
entered short ES 1474.50 , stop 1476.50
used the price noise up here to improve my entry price by a couple ticks, so now short 1475.25
stop 1476.00 1475.00

edit: moved trailing stop
Excellent trading pt and thanks for that great explanation Bruce!
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