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Looking for shorts..

down to 1465 and 1456 this week...perhaps monday.....
got stopped at 81.75 on this as that zone held too well.and was within one point of my target..( 76.50)..poor trade management on that ...I'm Now shorting 1495.50 .target is down at 1489 first.....This is a good zone...will add to short if we trade to 1502.50....1491 seems to be a "given" if there are such things...
close up of the overnight zone I am looking to get tested....An old point of control sits at 1497.25 so that May help my downside trade....we'll see in a few minutes when RTH opens

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here is how that zoned played out in the day session so far....

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anyone crazy enough to take a short trade from up in the 1429 area..? I did as my second key zone of 1431 was hit...risky in overnights..with some luck they will retest 1426 and then 1422..Happy Post -Thanksgiving Trade
Tough luck on that trade Bruce. Market was surprisingly directional and strong for the Friday after Thanksgiving. I'm not sure if we've seen a 16.5 point range in the ES on this day before.

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ES 10,000 Volume chart on the day after Thanksgiving 2007.
That's ok Guy..this was it traded down to 26.25 in overnight but I wasn't nimble enough to take anything off...I moved stop to break even and then got stopped out..beside from that I agree with your comments...very interesting day...I would have thought all the big boys would have had their trainees in today to play with the stops.
Obviously I was wrong...

I wonder if this is just a setup for the gap higher open and sell off on Monday
Could well be. I think a higher gap would be a better probability gap play than your average gap play from that position under normal trading.
shorting here in overnight at 50.25..will add at 55 if needed...targeting 46 first..then 43
screen shot of area I'm looking to get tested in day session if overnight fails me...

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one last thing..If I add on at 1455 then 1450.25 is first target.....
Excellent trading pt and thanks for that great explanation Bruce!
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