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ES 09-09-08

Here's some sq of nine S/R #'s I am looking at today....


no doubt some kick ass numbers Joe....!Perhaps you can elaborate on how you DATE the square numbers......looks like if you split the red lines you have some good SR too...
I had to buy a course "Gann made easy" it came with a calculator, its a plastic overlay overlaying the Square of nine. You align O degrees on that days date and it spits out the natural numbers. I have no idea how it works or even why it works, it has something to do with squaring the circle. I have been using it since 02 and learned this trick around 06. Sorry I can't tell you how to calculate it on a calculator, but I can post them here after the bell, I write my numbers down on my white board anyways. The numbers change about .5-.75 a day.
Bruce if you split the red lines it called the high i.e. 1261 sq root +.125 squared = 1269.89 RTH high was 1269.5
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