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ES 09-09-08

Here's some sq of nine S/R #'s I am looking at today....


so we have singles starting above that 54 now....
You do real well Joe...I wasn't specifically referring to anyone just for the I was really trying to get across is that most people will dismiss certain ideas because they are too simple and can't possibly work.....I think that is why we see so many vendors with fancy lines and indicators etc...they are giving folks what they think they need.....

I'm, not against any thing that works for the you know I don't like it when we get after the fact commentary and the people posting can't really explain it.....

For me it was SPQR that really wasn't "clicking" for me...if it had been explained and I watched it in action over time then I would have been of a different opinion. The "tip off" for me was seeing his Ninja snap shots as if they were trying to prove something.....

What they really missed is that it actually isn't important to me if a poster pulls the trigger or not....I'm looking for consistentcy over time.......lets face it, there is really no point in reading any of this stuff unless we can pick up direct and subtle clues from others.....

Most, probably know by now how and why I trade....and you and Kool have been letting us in on your styles for a while me that gives us the right to ask harder questions from others....

No offense implied to those with more lines or charts than me.....and sorry for rambling.

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About what you were saying about complicated charts earlier... I agree to an extent, I used to have all kinds of indicators now I only use RSI a slow, med, and fast mode on the 30min and a tool that plots pivots. But I run 9 charts and all are the ES LOL. I watch price only and just watch the RSI to tell me how mature we are in a current trend. I think I am over doing it at times, but I don't usually get conflicting signals.

47.75 will stop out runners if 55 doesn't hit first...bad stop placement on my part
flat at 49.75...lunch time..!!!
43 is a number I am looking at to buy, contract life VAL and sq of nine also 40.5 is monthly VAL.
very light sell off this past 1/2 hour, perhaps a bottom is forming around 48
ym is one tick shy of a ledge on this 30 minute high...sp is 2 ticks shy....I'm expecting that to be taken out to the upside soon
Long @ 51.75
Res @ 53.66 (W. Pivot) and some angles on my chart @ 55 If we can push through those I think we may get new highs.
If the dow wasn't trying to lead this up I'd agree with the new highs but we have that single area which started at 57.75.....Dow fillied in it's singles earlier I don't have as lofty goals as you but since you are long and i'm sidelined I hope it keeps going up for you...
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Res @ 53.66 (W. Pivot) and some angles on my chart @ 55 If we can push through those I think we may get new highs.

Bruce if you split the red lines it called the high i.e. 1261 sq root +.125 squared = 1269.89 RTH high was 1269.5