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ES 09-09-08

Here's some sq of nine S/R #'s I am looking at today....


redsix..if you are here..I would consider that a ledge on SP right now....that double top inside the days range at 54.50.....I would trade as if it is going to get broken whereas some Mp players will use that to initiate a short fade....that and the singles above it may prove to be the way to go but not until Joe gets clear on longs..
Nice call here pops....I was "busy " before...well done
Originally posted by popstocks

very light sell off this past 1/2 hour, perhaps a bottom is forming around 48

Should have taken that 3 point profit, there was too much resistance, not a smart trade, covered flat.
If we get a range extension I'm short in hopes of a spike.
although I don't have my IRT fired up at the moment we seem to be shaping up into the 'b' I like your idea of the long side Joe but that Dow lead is bugging $tick lows here...very interesting..high risk trade here..
Yes a two day "b" and a "b" today. But my 30 min looks like its going to slide lower.
I don't watch other index's much, but I did notice yesterday that the NQ was neg and then a short time later was down 37.

Long @ 46.25, I'll double up and reverse if we take out the lows.
long from 43.75..need that 47.50 and quick or I'm taking the loss
nice call joe...
Originally posted by CharterJoe

Yes a two day "b" and a "b" today. But my 30 min looks like its going to slide lower.

Bruce if you split the red lines it called the high i.e. 1261 sq root +.125 squared = 1269.89 RTH high was 1269.5
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