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ES 09-09-08

Here's some sq of nine S/R #'s I am looking at today....


Short @ 65.5 targeting 50.75
selling here
short 2 @ 1266.00,4 point stop
highest volume bar of the day came in at the minus 8 number but ticks only at a minus 600....based on volume alone it looks like they want to test higher from here

I was reading in your pit bull thread last night, and todays low was 8 points off the open ;)

covered at 1266, breakeven... watching but looking to sell
oh man those 8 point numbers are so cool...I would modify it to be in the 8 - 10 point range...but If I saw a plus or minus 4 into a key number with ticks and volume then I would most likely take the trade...but generally speaking the minus 8 is amazing...and plus 8 on upside...some use increments of 4 after that...12, 16 anything else we need to see some other signal to help pull the trigger
Pending home sales and wholesale inventories #s at top of hour
As you know I work with fairly simple ideas....and most are horizontal in nature...most are so simple that folks can't believe they work......I guess thats why sometimes I am a tough critic on things that look complex to me.......always refreshing when I'm proven wrong though and keeps me humble
That fellow you were giving credit to in that thread was it Buzzy Shwartz, it sounded just like him?
Bruce if you split the red lines it called the high i.e. 1261 sq root +.125 squared = 1269.89 RTH high was 1269.5
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