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ES 09-09-08

Here's some sq of nine S/R #'s I am looking at today....


Covered @ 46.5+1.5 lol.....long again @ 47 (longer term) That contract life VAL @ 43
sigh... stopped and watching...down 7.5 today
nibbling long at will exist if the close it down 12 minutes..try for over the 51 area
Above the monthly pivot 48 looking real good. Gap up from Friday closed, targeting high TPO area @ 58.5
that 47 was a key off last weeks profile....second target is 55...
55.5 is the weekly VWAP and the first high volume area on the sept profile....covering at the 52 +5 on that one, I think it still looks good but I get gun shy when I am up.
long 2 @ 1251.50 on a wicked chase... covering here
covered 1253.25. still down 4 on the day , however

About what you were saying about complicated charts earlier... I agree to an extent, I used to have all kinds of indicators now I only use RSI a slow, med, and fast mode on the 30min and a tool that plots pivots. But I run 9 charts and all are the ES LOL. I watch price only and just watch the RSI to tell me how mature we are in a current trend. I think I am over doing it at times, but I don't usually get conflicting signals.
have to leave for a while ... for what its worth i believe you will see 1261-3, before all is said and done . Good luck gang
Bruce if you split the red lines it called the high i.e. 1261 sq root +.125 squared = 1269.89 RTH high was 1269.5
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