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ES 11-20-08

here we go!
5 points up here, 5 more to go
2 min mini peak I wasnt liking my average down for awhile and then bailed way to soon
if 88 prints I'm going to try and hold final for the gap at 803.75 in overnight....long way off for me..otherwise 77.50 will take final two out
VIX just went to 80.25!!!!!
selling 782.75
I'm hoping this is long impulse buying..that damn 85!!
should peak NOW
sigh..stopped at 3 point loss..up 2.5 and waiting to sell again!
long @ 785
Originally posted by VOwater

prestwick where did your BAV end up

Here is how it finished VO. Notice how big money (white line) really sold hard on the break of 772-770 around 14:33? At the same time small money (brown line) started to net buy heavily. I rarely see small money's conviction outweigh the conviction of big money, ala today. Bigs look to have done some covering into the close. That 770-72 area should be watched tomorrow if we test it as it is likely that big money will try to defend the sells they started there unless some news changes the nature of the market.
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