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ES 12-16-08

GM Traders

Daily PP: 873.75
R1: 891.50
S1: 854.75
POC: 868.25

60m: 903.50 / 848.50
15m: 903.50

overnight globex gap @ 874.25
Good Morning All........
good morning all- expecting little volume today. much like yesterday
suspect we will gap fill this morning
gm..s from 82.25..air at 80.50...would like that 73 number
if we breakout the 83 area look for res @ 88 then 94
ading above 85 if neede
GM all. VO - are the 60 and 15 min #s you post in the AM your "Kool" projections? TY.
Singles from yesterday above between 885.75-886.5 and we are within singles 874.5-885.75 now.
yes pwd
s @ 82
1 tick from stop @ 84.50...good clean living folks!
Thanks for all the charts and goodies today folks........I enjoy it all but today I really enjoyed Prestwicks updates on what the "super powers" where up stuff