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834 or 818 ?

we have 826.75 as an open so what's it gonna be...the plus or minus 8? I have the 831.50 shorts....lots of numbers up biggest concern is those supper strong $ticks....lowest reading is a minus 215..odds favor a retest of open print again and hopefully the 818 sometime...tough one no doubt
small ledge at 826 so if this hour high breakout fails near the plus 8-10 then the ledge is a great target...note how the retest of the open print failed to get below the first minutes range.....always good to get below that if lower runner targets are to win
15 min deadly projection was 838.50..... just hit
very nice Kool!! small gap at 33.75 which started last wave up....they will close it up soon I think.....not much time above the plus 10 has me leaning short again for that ledge and the hour highs/signle prints first
Originally posted by koolblue

15 min deadly projection was 838.50..... just hit

in other words more time is being spent now below the plus 10 then traded above that is a possible heads up for me and that freakin misleading $tick looks like it is weakening
lowest 15 minute range sits at the highs.....two trend days in a row will certainly mess me up on this one if it happens...the thrust pull back players will try to get new highs.....and if they fail they should exit and help me out on this fade
I got 38.25 and 37.50's...last add will be 2.5 above current highs if it hits to target that 33 area...they will test a previous 30 minute low but how far will we need to chase it up to get that test??
current target...841.50-842.25
last add was 41.50...a 30 minute close above 45 will rattle me today
that last push was biggest vol spike outside of the 10 a.m spike......a true trend day will get these spikes and pauses all day and clobbers me.......I'm not expecting that today..they know that this drive started from 833 area and will go get that still.........wishfull thinking perhaps!!!
ym's cleaned up it's doubles....always a harder hold now