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834 or 818 ?

we have 826.75 as an open so what's it gonna be...the plus or minus 8? I have the 831.50 shorts....lots of numbers up biggest concern is those supper strong $ticks....lowest reading is a minus 215..odds favor a retest of open print again and hopefully the 818 sometime...tough one no doubt
just wanted the data know how my IB data is some days......good burst of $tick fade on this high yet for me...would like that close of yesterday to fill in
Originally posted by koolblue

you are correct Bruce... im off by one tick on a call made hours ago from many handles lower! so sue me!

i just kidding ...actually were in no mans land right here..could go either way but im leaning toward the long side. but you have to admit the projection halted it at least temporarily!,
I'm trying from 37.25...gonna need a miracle here I know I respect you and your work.....that was KOOL!!!!
looking for a retest down into 32 to pair out and tighten runners...air on 30 minute at 33.75..fades always harder for me when YM is the only laggard......
this trade is yet another in a series of uncomfortable trades especially with Bonds going off soon....will need to watch closely if they retest 35 now....that is air on one minute now
well i told my room if we broke 33.50 we would see 838-39 but had my order at 839.00 and of luck! great analyst, lousy trader!
most others went short near 838 and scalped a bunch!...sigh
last two days creates the bell curve so selling high and buying low should be the way to go in theory...the problem with this theory is we never know when the rubber band of volatility snaps to create new areas
if we could just get under those hour highs then they should go for that mini ledge below
nicely done!!
Originally posted by koolblue

most others went short near 838 and scalped a bunch!...sigh

ym's cleaned up it's doubles....always a harder hold now
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