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834 or 818 ?

we have 826.75 as an open so what's it gonna be...the plus or minus 8? I have the 831.50 shorts....lots of numbers up biggest concern is those supper strong $ticks....lowest reading is a minus 215..odds favor a retest of open print again and hopefully the 818 sometime...tough one no doubt
Targeting 810...SL new highs
lowest 15 minute bar at the highs with Volume....last two targets for me are the ledge and then new lows.....wide stops as I'm going out to play with the's worth it!!!
wide stops equal 39.50 today...forgot that part...Ilike that 810 Joe..hope it comes for ya today
well there is only 2hours left today, I think tomorrow around 10am would be more likely. I wish I caught that high at the W.pivot I was out for lunch today and missed it.

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Originally posted by koolblue

Originally posted by koolblue

now...the jurys out ..could go either way

826.25 or all the way back to 841

1 min chart once again signalled 826.50 at the most recent swing high (840.75)
Bingo!....826.50!...see ya later guys!
Kook blue, what do you mean by price and time? do you have a link you could share so that i can read up on it? im fairly new trader and see you post alot of good thinks..and people on here seem to refer to you much
ym's cleaned up it's doubles....always a harder hold now
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