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834 or 818 ?

we have 826.75 as an open so what's it gonna be...the plus or minus 8? I have the 831.50 shorts....lots of numbers up biggest concern is those supper strong $ticks....lowest reading is a minus 215..odds favor a retest of open print again and hopefully the 818 sometime...tough one no doubt
no joe....I just look at the chart...I'm done at 23.25....not thrilled the way the YM is leading that out with NQ not breaking the hour lows...where is the volume
Yesterday strong -ve diversion in the early session on the Macd is holding true
Look like 820 is possible
projection up was 833.75...just hit
nice how the YM was no where near it's hour highs on that hour high breakout....
I have a high of 33.50...not trying to be a jerk...can anyone confirm the data
Originally posted by koolblue

projection up was 833.75...just hit

last weeks high is the obvious battle ground today...
you are correct Bruce... im off by one tick on a call made hours ago from many handles lower! so sue me!

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the longs have stops at 28.75... a good rollover will go for longs for me as it will take an ouside daily bar up to get new highs......above yesterday highs...low probability but obviously anything can happen
ym's cleaned up it's doubles....always a harder hold now
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