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834 or 818 ?

we have 826.75 as an open so what's it gonna be...the plus or minus 8? I have the 831.50 shorts....lots of numbers up biggest concern is those supper strong $ticks....lowest reading is a minus 215..odds favor a retest of open print again and hopefully the 818 sometime...tough one no doubt
how did everyone do today?
Got slamed on the NQ in the morning (human DOM froze and I was in a great trade when I went to get out and it froze for a long time I clicked it way to many times giving my an ultra large position in the wrong direction) but since I draw inspiration from losses, made it all back and more. Holding an ES short till 812. And fair in the bonds (ZB), I have been trading them only for a few days they are really a great market. Reminds me of a stock I used to trade, DBCC (ticker for; esignal, back in the day)

How about you, do you trade?

I had a good short on the bonds overnight. I sold @ 130065 and bought it back at 129200. I could have held for a longer trade but I bailed out. Still almost 20 points was not a bad trade. I am thinking of going short again on them.
we have that 3 TPO ledge at the 826 number is the obvious report to watch....Joe I have some Bond material ( old emails ) that seemed to be good....remind me in case I forget to get it to you in the next few day
Thanks Bruce. I appreciate it.

Can you give me a 1 line run down of why the 3 TPO ledge is important? Does it attract prices back to that level?
it should new theory....I'm trying from the 32's today.....I just can't get long with that there....they like to test those to see if the buyers will still support it
We need a close below 825 on the ES, other wise were going to chop in a trading range.
no agressive buyers coming in off the retest so perhaps they will let our runners get yesterdays lows which would go well with a minus 8 number

Do you have software that writes the minus/plus 8 on your charts?
Originally posted by BruceM

Joe I have some Bond material ( old emails ) that seemed to be good....remind me in case I forget to get it to you in the next few day

That sounds great Bruce, I don't know much about the bond market other than they are sensitive to economic news, and my numbers/indicators LOL.
ym's cleaned up it's doubles....always a harder hold now
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