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are you sure you're not related to this guy..,2933,529328,00.html

always got a kick out of him screaming at me through the TV....
Oh man, Billy was way cool. I remember when he was even offering "Billy bobble-head dolls" with one of the products he was booming through the TV about ... wish I'd gotten one now that he's gone. My brother had been watching "Pitchmen," a new TV show with Billy in it ... was pretty entertaining. RIP Billy!

Actually Bruce, I was thinking more along the lines of Robert Tilton. His church back in the 90's was about 8 to 10 miles from me. Had a couple of friends who went one Sunday just for the sheer entertainment value. I just enjoyed watching Brother Bob act like a nut on TV. He was entertaining as all hell! He's made a resurgence in the past few years and is doing his gig outta Florida I think. He's not bringing in the roughly $75 Million per year at his peak before the media nailed him ... but he still has plenty of dough and lives like a king.
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