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Thank you and god bless … my ABA number and checking account number are on the site that my son said was working now that he’d worked the bugs out of it … so wires are preferred, but checks are okay too … and cash is king!

This is so wrong. LOL!
excellant, but i suggest a price of at least 3-5000 so your competitive with all the other holy grail salesman!
Thanks for the feedback folks. And Kool, you have me thinking that I need to totally revise my pricing schedule ... gotta have the old "Silver Package" ... "Gold Package" ... and " Platinum Package" ... hmmmm. Gotta upsale 'em once I hook 'em in and get some of their money. Since the initial info is only a sliver of the vast portion of what it takes (from my course) to grow their income into the Billions, maybe I'll attach a "better" price (for me) to each level. And they'll have to eventually buy all to have the maximum chance at 100% success! Good info, thanks. Trying to decide where to put the decimal place after the $ sign. Will let you know when I find what makes sense. And, btw, I'm only doing this because I want everyone to succeed and since I'm also a multi-trillionaire. I just trade for fun and am filled with love and altruism to the Nth degree for my aspiring fellow traders that find themselves amidst the struggle to keep their heads above water.

I AM LONG 10,000 JULY 94 CALLS on the SPY. Hope all the morning reports come out well!!!!
See, just as we expected, our JULY 94 PUTS position on the SPY worked out beautifully this morning. All of our traders took profits on each of their 10,000 PUTS at the exact low (to the penny) at rougly 9:20 CST. Great Going Guys!!!

If you haven't joined and paid, then what are you waiting for?!? Sign up now and underwrite my daughter's college tuition! I'll even toss in a ham sandwich for free if you sign up within the next 10 minutes ... starting NOW.

From Vendorman, the new super hero of trading. Coming soon to a theater near you!
You are a true Altruist MonkeyMeat, a genuine human being and a true giver. I have learned so much from you. If I hadn't purchased your course I never would have learned all the intricacies of filing bankruptcy or preparing squab. Also I never would have known that repo-man meant repossesser. Your gift keeps on giving and educating. Right now I am learning how corrugated cardboard can provide a splendid shelter.

Well got to go for now. Bill collectors at the door you understand.

Thanks again MonkeyMeat.

P.S. can't wait for the new movie!
I just noticed. This is my 498th post, only two away from that new Cadillac and trip to Hawaii from "DayTrading"
Thanks for the adulation myptofvu. Gives me kind of a messanic warm fuzzy, ya know?! Based on that, I'm looking to start a cult. I'll offer you the 2nd command position and we'll rack up enough dough through donations (and trade vending) to both afford high grade cardboard for our street urchin condos! Maybe we can upgrade 'em with some chicken wire to reinforce the structure for heavy winds and/or earthquakes etc.

I'm sending you out a complimentary pair of tix to my upcoming movie VendorMan!

Cheers and Happy 4th to all in the U.S. ... gotta go eat a hotdog or two and tear into a 12-pack now!!!
Oh man, Billy was way cool. I remember when he was even offering "Billy bobble-head dolls" with one of the products he was booming through the TV about ... wish I'd gotten one now that he's gone. My brother had been watching "Pitchmen," a new TV show with Billy in it ... was pretty entertaining. RIP Billy!

Actually Bruce, I was thinking more along the lines of Robert Tilton. His church back in the 90's was about 8 to 10 miles from me. Had a couple of friends who went one Sunday just for the sheer entertainment value. I just enjoyed watching Brother Bob act like a nut on TV. He was entertaining as all hell! He's made a resurgence in the past few years and is doing his gig outta Florida I think. He's not bringing in the roughly $75 Million per year at his peak before the media nailed him ... but he still has plenty of dough and lives like a king.