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Longer term view

This is why im cautious here , but still bullish longer term (at least for now)

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....thoughts? opinions? critisizems? all are welcome!
Well, that certainly would do it ,Bruce! The reason cycles are secondary for me to price projections, as far as trading goes is they can always be off a sight amount. In this case a day . Really they are best used as 'indications'. Like for me , it 'indicates that tomorrow will be lower that today.
now that i have a little more time.. i misspoke before, Bruce. my cycles are not dependent on any kind of price objective. if we ,God forbid ,went to 1170 today , an expected cycle peak would simply be an indication that tues should see lower prices not higher! . I would say that 80% or more of my trading is directly from price projections ,not cycles.
Bruce if your interested in my methods , i strongly urge you to check out my private room on 12-11-09 starting around 10:42 am. In response to many questions ,i posted (in advance the way you like it, a step by step by step trade ,giving exactly what i was thinking and why every step of the way. It is probably the most comprehensive explaining i have ever done.(which is the purpose of the room after all!) Even if you never visit again, i would advise you (or anyone else to check it out!) it takes a few seconds to register and of course ,its free!. As luck would have it, the trade turned out to be a winner, but even if it didnt , the explaination is worth it. you can see exactly how my methods work , (or dont)in real time.
Thanks so much Kool. I'll read through it tomorrow afternoon and look forward to it. I was just telling Monkey Meat in a private email that if I had more time that I would throw some effort in understanding your tomorrow I can jump back in and devote even more time over the holidays. I gotta get back up to speed.

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the seasonals
Thought longer term players might find this chart of seasonals interesting. Note the recent swing low came on the 9th ,if memory serves , so we better allow a little slack. This chart is yet another reason i favor an eventual upside break. I might point out it also leads me to believe that yesterdays little cycle peak will likely not lead to a major decline ...yet. I should point out that yesterdays new highs were a healthy 298 ,while new lows were something like 3! My ideal longer term scenerio would be a break to a marginal new high (1123? 1133?) and a quick and wicked decline after! Remember Thansgiving? Christmas is just around the corner! Time to stay on your toes!
what cha think of that call for a little cycle peak yesterday now?
I was gonna ask you how you qualify the sucess of a market call with your methods.......if we strip away the making money concept....

so in other words does taking out yesterdays RTH low make it ok to say the call of a "top" was a sucess? Is it just a trade below yesterdays close that makes it ok.......? This is a serious question and I'm not being a wise ass....

I don't like the short down here as we have triples above but that's another issue

I read that kools tools from 12-11-09...that rocked!!! well done....... Very KOOL stuff!!! I'm looking forward to getting into the methods more over XMAS
Thx pal! To be honest tho my cycles are of limited usefulness really ,cause you never really know how far it will travel. Thats what price projections are for. however , to specifically answer your question , the fact that yesterday was a expected cycle peak told me a few important things. LIKE a: going short today is probably the better play. B: 1113 (which i called as the likely daily high in my room yesterday) will most likely NOT be exceeded today! Even these few things can be very useful! For instance i work nights but if memory serves last night on globex i had a projection around 1110.25 , now when it got up there most would figure its going to a new high , but the cycles would let you enter a short with much more confidence, etc.(i believe the high was 1111.00. In fact most bloggers had today as a possible big up day! But the little cycle top told me most likely not. Hope this helps , price projection is a far more powerful tool... and for the record , ive been hot the last week or two but , believe me im not always right!!! LOL
Right on Brother and thanks!!! The projections are great...after all we get paid by price not I'll concentrate on the projections as I dig deeper.....appreciate it Kool!!
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