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Longer term view

This is why im cautious here , but still bullish longer term (at least for now)

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....thoughts? opinions? critisizems? all are welcome!
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5 min look see
Summary: for some time i have been tageting 1133 or the 1170 area as possible intermediate term tops.Well we surpassed 1133 (specifically 1132.75) which i regard as bullish. Can we struggle through this month and next to the expected March peak? Time will tell, but a short term top first could be in the cards .
Originally posted by koolblue

( a ) Fibonacci Time Zone ratio 0.618 due 01/18/10

1/18/10 would be great timing for a corrective pullback (assuming we have 2nd consecutive +ve week) , but I think if everyone is expecting it, waiting for it to happen, then perhaps the contrarian perspective may be the more profitable one ?
Could be Phileo, well have to see.. Kools tools daily chart has a cycle peak on thurs.
file under fun facts: Since the March 9th, the Dow has had 30 “up” Mondays (or Tuesdays after a Monday holiday) out of a possible 43. That’s equal to 70 percent. And 16 of the past 18 Mondays being “up” (I just mentioned) equals 89 percent. Then incredibly, 80 percent of all the point-gains since March 9th came on those 30 Monday up-days - from evil speculator
..{since everyone is now aware of this i wonder how much longer it will apply?}
"1/8/2010 amendment: I just took a fresh look at the 1937-1942 analog, and I've created this time projection. It calls for a drop on the Dow to 7,960 by July 17, 2010.".... Tim Knight
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Originally posted by koolblue

..{since everyone is now aware of this i wonder how much longer it will apply?}

The fact that everyone knows this will reinforce it and might make it more likely - in my opinion.
Good call D.T.! that now makes it 17 out of 19. Amazing... By the way i wonder what the stats are on Thurs being a down day?
Tomorrow is moon day! The .682 in terms of time is Monday the 18th! ..It would appear we're setting up for a reversal soon!....
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