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Price bar overlap

I'm planning to explain this more soon but this is a start. Notice how we have what I call an "air pocket" in between the high of the first green bar from the left and the low of the last green bar on the right.

These are 5 minute bars and I will include the context chart

This thread will attempt to expand on the concept of "mini singles" that we have covered before from the one minute chart. I have snapped a horizontal line to represent this "Pocket"
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At the time of your post the only air pockets that existed where the ones created in th eovernight session. I just want to make sure you are seeing them correctly JMYOD .. are those the ones you are refering too ?
Originally posted by JMYOD125

seems to be a couple of pockets of air now..
Here is the chart as of 2:15 EST....all the overnight pockets get filled in. The horizontal lines you see on this chart are the key pockets I was targeting from the OVERNIGHT session...hope this helps..we are currently forming new pockets from the day session...
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when it trends you will have multiple air is the first one that I hope gets filled in..
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Many time you will see these pockets form in the same general areas....we had 93 - 94 in the overnight too...just be careful on a real trend as it won't come back
if we look at the price histogram we sometimes get a clearer picture of the air pockets....this thrust up so far is a good example of the histogram being a better measure.
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Yes ..that is correct, I believe it was the 95 area and later the 92-90 area...hope your trade worked out for you
Boy...when they want to push it up ...their's no stoppin-um!!
If I am correct we now have a pocket at 93.75-95 along with the triples at 95.50??
that is correct and triples way down at 88.25...interesting!
bruce - ensign has a script for that and its called large range and small range bars - and its free if you subcribe to their software - ive been using it for a long time now

take care
Thanks for the input Gio. I use the close above or below as a filter so do you know off hand if it can do that ? It isn't really the size of the bars but where we close in relation to the current highs or lows of the session...obviously the further away from those highs or lows that we close then the more "air" we create. We could have a big push to new highs on the day with a big bar but still close below the previous high so no air would be created...
Originally posted by gio5959

bruce - ensign has a script for that and its called large range and small range bars - and its free if you subcribe to their software - ive been using it for a long time now

take care
Originally posted by PAUL9

Are you a head honcho?

Have to guess You are a head honcho.

I Need to find instructions for starting a thread.

I sifted through FAQ and found nothing. can you direct?

I sent you a PM with more info but basically it says click the "New Topic" link at the top of this page to create a new "thread". It's a bit confusing as threads are called topics on this forum.
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