3 Hrs of Analysis on a Post-it-Note

Spent more than 3 hours going through equity charts for overall market components, sectors and lots o' daily/intraday stocks. The final list I distilled down to roughly 10 decent LONG picks, if memory serves, because I stuck the damn post-it in the left pocket of the shorts I just washed (and dried) ... poof - gone. So, went back thru charts for an hour and came up with these potential LONG stock picks for Monday ... as long as the overall market (SP-500) holds up or moves up. Either way, these are some key stocks with upward potential to keep an eye on for a day trade or two coming into Monday and Tuesday. I've got 4 that look good and 3 that I'd put one or two question marks beside ... and watch how things unfold.



There were about 3 or 4 others that disappeared into Tide-laden wash inside of a Whirlpool brand evil stock pick killer. The dryer cooked the rest beyond the salvage abilities of packs of scientists that noodled around with the "shroud of ... " Enough of that. Hope this might be helpful to some other crazy hillbillies out there like me!

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jed clampett
Nice piece of work your sharing with us...thanks MM..I appreciate the huge effort your putting in here
Awesome writeup about NFLX and your strategy MM! Thanks so much for taking the time to do that and do such a thorough job of it. Really appreciated that!

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