A Deep Breath - Need Your Input

Let’s all take a deep breath and reevaluate our interactions here on mypivots … just an idea of mine after so many cross-current posts of varied styles and personalities.

The DAILY ES TOPIC/THREAD was initiated by Koolblue a while back. Other regulars and also new folks began posting and sharing their analysis and trading ideas and trade calls. I think there are probably THREE “things” (for lack of a better word) that have resulted in some fracturing and grumblings by some.

1.Posting trades after the fact, posting trades or price levels etc. without any understandable rationale to describe “why” in a way that most folks can understand, posting “mushy” if-thens.

2.Having ONE TOPIC/THREAD for day trading the ES where MP/VolumeProfile, Fib variations, and several other different market approaches are scattering the inputs all over the place which creates some confusion and frustration.

3.EGO … and the desire to “be right” or maybe better put: lack of RESPECT for posts by some that don’t present “enough” info for a “why” a comment is put forth.

A solution is to do what’s already been attempted. That is to have a daily ES topic for each basic style or trading approach. It’s a good idea but hasn’t unfolded well so far since there’s overlap in trading styles and one wonders where to post or is hopping around to find some semblance of good info going back and forth between threads.

There’s the fib crowd, the VolumeProfile/MP crowd, the price S/R crowd etc. etc. etc. In the end, posters end up not posting since there’s fracture and overlap … and the “I’m on the same page” feedback and interaction is POOF – gone.


I’ll be the first to say that I don’t have the solution. But, here’s an idea or two. How about we collectively decide on 2 or 3 ES daily threads that are very specific? Perhaps we have a Volume Profile, MP, VWAP, thread that also includes inter-market comments/analysis and perhaps a few other similarly related analyses. A place where trade calls can be made but with analysis and followed up with posts on the calls and management of ‘em. The same format could be used with and for primarily FIB traders.

AND FINALLY, if there are folks that just want to make trade calls with little or no analysis (no disrespect to anyone in this), have a TRADE CALLING thread … which would not fit inside of the other two I’ve described above. And the key would be to make sure that we collectively agree on what types of posts and posters fit in each category of thread/topic.

This is only an opening proposal for the daily ES trading topic/thread. I highly encourage any and all to propose different and better ideas to facilitate a better and productive interaction here that helps ALL … where there’s a place for everyone!

I’m f-c&ing seriously sick of EGO’s, sniping and “hollow” posts (as some would consider them) that could be part of another ES daily thread. I've benefitted so much from this site and hate to see what it has devolved into recently on the daily ES topic.

Again, I mean this in a productive way … even though my frustration may come through here and there. And, DT, feel free to counter or add to what I’m offering up here.

So folks, put your thinkin’ caps on and fire away here. Let’s BUILD … not sit by and complain.

The floor is open!!!!!!!!!

The threads & postings have changed this year no doubt..I don't follow any of the daily ES threads, but having a seperate thread per trading style would be great. If you want to learn MP or S&R etc then you would know which thread to follow, one could compare trading styles & choose which best suits their personality. Awsome idea MM thas brilliant man
Sounds good to me. How about the starter of a topic/thread dictate what type of replies are allowed (appreciated) in that topic when the thread is started?
Thanks for your thoughtful post. I, too, make an effort to respectfully provide a unique and accurate description of the post in the subject line, with a different perspective.

I'll keep my topic / threads focused and look forward to shared mutual interests; [... even if I may adjust my "fade the Stretch or 1.618% of the Stretch strategies basis the (3, -1) formula, ... for reasons that I don't always elucidate. Example: I may expect to much from traders to look at the respective chart (so far, always the $5 Dow front month) and recognize a test of the previous day's low that defines support or an intra-day price move that fades, here again basis the (3, -1) formula, by the Stretch or 1.618% of the Stretch. Uuuhh, that means, I may expect too much for the reader to recognize price rotation at support / resistance by applying technical analysis.]

Posting a NEW strategy, like the (3, -1) recipe I've been posting after trading sessions may, or may not, provide foresight into an intra-day equity index futures trading technique that I've been developing. I do not give my time to provide free trades during trading sessions.
Each trader makes their own bread.

Thanks for your shared cogitatons.

One problem I see with starting 2 or 3 different daily trading threads, lets say one for MP/VP, one for S/R, and one for trade postings is the information contained within the thread becomes lost because the daily threads from a week or two ago are quickly pushed off the front page. There is a lack of continuity of information in this approach. I personally am not a big fan of the daily ES thread concept. Now as we have seen recently, when a new unrelated method is injected into the existing ES thread context, integration of that new method raised all sorts of problems. Intertwining 2 or 3 or more different trading styles and methodologies into a single daily trading thread can be very confusing to the uninitiated reader. The daily thread approach does not lend itself well to efficient and clear conveyance of information nor to growth and expansion into new and unrelated trading methodologies.

We might consider a separate topic for each specific trading strategy or method, I suggest the topic thread not be time dependent, meaning a new thread would not be opened every day for the same trading method. So for example, we might have an MP/VP thread which would remain open and MP traders / posters can add to it each trading day. I could open a single topic thread on Market Delta for example, post charts and others can then contribute their delta charts to that topic thread. Bruce might open a topic specific to his unique "rat" numbers methodology, he can take his time to build up the information in that thread.

A benefit of method based topics is someone new to the forum or new to a specific trading method/technique, can start at page one of that method's topic and learn by reading through the thread. Eventually the reader gets "up to speed" and then can follow along or contribute in near real time during the trading day. Topic relevant questions can be asked and answered, which helps all followers of the specific methodology.

The challenge for someone opening a new method based topic is can that member stay with the thread and develop a following for the method. Inevitably some of these topics will not gain sufficient interest and will fade away, but hopefully a few will gain a following and flourish over time.

On the subject of trade posting. If a forum member chooses to post their trades during the day, I would assume those trades are based on some pre-defined setup or method. For example, as an MP trader let's say I sell a test of the Point of Control (POC) and post that as a trade. It would make sense for me to post that trade in the MP/VP thread. Preferably with some supporting information/explanation or a chart to give that trade setup some context to help other traders understand the rational behind the trade. I think the consensus here is most of us do not see much value in simply throwing random trade calls out there, the "short 1205.00" posting with no explanation or supporting context of why that trade was taken.
Some good ideas. PT, I think you hit the nail on the head near the end of your post with someone just calling out a number without any current rationale or history of method delineated over time on a thread. Multiple threads may be useful as you've described "over time" with a primary method at its core for consistency and reference for both current participants as well as folks new to the site.

Maybe it's also about keeping things "open" with freedom of analysis from anyone who wishes ... even if offbeat and confusing ... but where there's a critical mass reached by a poster with negative votes over time (which is part of why DT implemented that here)... that, coupled with the poster unwilling to offer anything but a number ... and perhaps also antagonistic posts. There is a point where a so called bad apple can turn people off from a thread that they otherwise posted on and found instructional and helpful in the exchange of ideas for trading.

Not talking about over-policing things ... but rather an over-the-top situation. At which point that person can be asked to do their own "number calling" thread if they wish. And if things don't improve, then blocking as a last resort.

Still open to ideas here. But I especially like some of PT's posted points. And maybe what I've described here on this post is the general route to pursue. Thanks to all who've provided input here so far!
Great perspective Pt
I remember when VO water had the AB-CD thread, Kool had his projections, Charter Joe had the sq of 9 & prime number, Bruce had pitbull, air pockets & more. I learned a helluva lot from those threads. I rarely trade ES anymore but I'd follow a Market Delta thread in a second, just to learn the theory & how it works. I support/vote for educational type postings where people can learn. If people can learn here the community will grow.

Here's an idea ta kick around/consider on the educational content, the threads I mentioned above I re-read several times, some even a year or so after they died out. What if we have a section somewhere, call it Hall of Fame threads or whatever I dunno,, have threads like the sq of 9,, the AB-CD that have valuable content, work on all markets & are sound stratigies, for the visitors newbies etc. There is more info on this site than in any trading book I've ever read & new people aren't aware of it, they have no clue how to find it or know which threads to search for if they did. justa thought

@staylor: Every now and then someone does an index of all the good threads. I think that Monkey Meat did one at some point. If someone wants to do one and post it I can make it sticky so it will stay listed at the top.