ES 4-3-13

I'm using 1563.75 - 1564.50 as a magnet zone today. This is yesterdays VA low and also that high of last week we've been watching.

Like most days I think today will require us to be patient and wait until yesterdays highs and the current Overnight high get approached before looking for sells. In the back of my head I am thinking about the Weekly R1 at 1572 as an additional reference number today.

Below I like the low of yesterday to the VA high of Monday so 1558.75 - 1559.50 as a buy zone...keeping in mind the high volume node at 1555.50 which is also a close gap not printed yet . If we break Mondays RTH low then 49.50 - 51 is a Low volume support zone.

15 points of Range this week so if we take half of that and add it to the highs we get up to 1575...a key rat number ! so the 1572 - 1575 becomes a very interesting area for me with the Weekly R1 up there too. You can also subtract that half range from Mondays lows to look for more confluence into the 1546.50 level.

If we open in Value then we can take yesterdays range and project that to come up with more confluence...again that 1572 - 1575 might be in play.

1546.50 ( Market profile numbers from previous days)and 1541.75 are key spots but won't say much about those right now.

Reports at 10 a.m to be aware of today so don't get caught in front of those unless u have runners and don't mind gambling on them.

Hope it's a profitable day for all and they play fair today !
3 sets of singles is very extreme...damn..I hope they give us one more try...only 3 - 30 minute periods left now in the day

if they can get above 48.75 again I will look for support to take over to try for that single but it really has to be ideal...still no trade above a prior bracket high...will this be the rare day ???

frustrating to have ideas but no good plan to take a trade..I'm also worn out - just another reason to stick with a time frame most days and then close it down..

I think I hear Johnny Red calling me....sounds like an easier plan!!
Thanks for the observations.
BTW, yesterday (RTH only) was also NR7 (in addition to being NR4).
after looking at overnight PA that couldn't get above Tuesday's RTH H, wondering if that might not be a 'tell' for downside following trade day (meaning today, the day after an NR7.
this is the kind of day that can be followed by an up overnight.
Thanks paul...I'm real happy with today even if this last trade had failed because I'm taking losses sooner and just getting out. 5- 6 years ago I'd be adding in and holding longer and having to Drink more Johnny Walker - Hmmm ..ok some things I miss - LOL..just kidding

I have a strong feeling that they are gonna push up to that single but have no way to get it...hope somebody gets it that reads our ramble but naturally don't blame me if it doesn't happen - of course please send me that $2995...

make checks payable to the BruceM/ Johnny Walker relief fund !!
look at 4 points off that low..congrats if anyone held for that and that single..they also took that last period high
what's goping on here?

On Monday you wanted $2499, NOW you want $2995!
man your good..making a video with a trade on.thanks
buying 43.75 rat..
dammm so close have goood night everyone
Hi Bruce, when you say singles are you meaning single prints on a market profile chart? and within the 30 min segments during the day today?
you got it Daddywolf..single prints as per MP...the original air pockets !! so I stole the idea from the longer time frame
Hey that's a great gesture Apk but your words of appreciation are more than enough. Thanks for offering me that though ! It means a lot !