ES 4-3-13

I'm using 1563.75 - 1564.50 as a magnet zone today. This is yesterdays VA low and also that high of last week we've been watching.

Like most days I think today will require us to be patient and wait until yesterdays highs and the current Overnight high get approached before looking for sells. In the back of my head I am thinking about the Weekly R1 at 1572 as an additional reference number today.

Below I like the low of yesterday to the VA high of Monday so 1558.75 - 1559.50 as a buy zone...keeping in mind the high volume node at 1555.50 which is also a close gap not printed yet . If we break Mondays RTH low then 49.50 - 51 is a Low volume support zone.

15 points of Range this week so if we take half of that and add it to the highs we get up to 1575...a key rat number ! so the 1572 - 1575 becomes a very interesting area for me with the Weekly R1 up there too. You can also subtract that half range from Mondays lows to look for more confluence into the 1546.50 level.

If we open in Value then we can take yesterdays range and project that to come up with more confluence...again that 1572 - 1575 might be in play.

1546.50 ( Market profile numbers from previous days)and 1541.75 are key spots but won't say much about those right now.

Reports at 10 a.m to be aware of today so don't get caught in front of those unless u have runners and don't mind gambling on them.

Hope it's a profitable day for all and they play fair today !
so trying longs again for IB low test from down here
once we get below the 11 a.m low they were trying to make a third set of singles on the day...very extreme for so early in the day..probability still favors a retest of the IB low and my job is to find long trades to go get that and take off pieces as the 11 am breakdown point gets retested first..then let runners run
bruce thanks for posting

do you have anything that is pointing to 1552.00 as next support?
i got a gap in data plus can draw a trendline there..
thanks duck
this 55.50 is now old poc and that 11 a.m low..need to get above and hold above in order to get the IB low...bigger resistence will be that Vpoc at 58.75 but best to get clear at IB low test if they are kind to us..
52.75 is 1/2 the IB...ledge up at 56.50 and the IB has not been tested yet today..missed by two tics to take care of the greedy folks

so I am not giving up on longside tradees
two sets of single prints still above today...can happen on trend days but usually not the highest probability to keep them both untested...naturally anything can happen and best to keep probability trading in perspective and then PRAY your longs work ...LOL!!
that double low on the 30 minute bars was a tip off that maybe our long fade was in trouble before...look where 2.5 - 4 points is off that double low....always best to try and take something off if you can and then get runners taken out...not easy for a smaller account trader

we also never really know what will happen when we test a low volume zone which is what single prints/ air pockets are
mondays low is near buy and 1.5 the IB....I'm only taking small tries down in here..prefer to see 49 - 51 print to be think about being more aggressive ..till then it's best to stay smaller

the inability to get back above 55.50 should be an obvious concern regardless of the probabilities
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bruce thanks for posting

do you have anything that is pointing to 1552.00 as next support?
i got a gap in data plus can draw a trendline there..
thanks duck
any long trade down here should try to get out at 55 in front of that 55.50 then let runners go to try and work the magic that hasn't come yet today..
no bar has traded above a previous 30 minute bar today...that's one time framing...they will do the test but we don't know how low they will go before it does it...59 and 49 are key numbers...chart later

on 7th trade today...the upper end of reality for me...lots of stop outs and small losers which is the way it needs to be when we are "off"
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