ES Thursday 9-12-13

the lines and zones I have for thursday and wednesday overnight.....will confirm in the morning
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all they have to do is test some previous high...whichever one comes as soon as they test over 84.50 then the concept is completed
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the high of the last 30min is 84.50 and the previous is 85.50. .... so did you want the inside bar to come out over ...and then test the prev. 85.50?
this battle is being waged at 87 and 84.25...I think those trying to sell the 87 will lose and when they quit we will go get the volume at 89.25....good theory but not trading now
so do I see triples on the last 3 30 min bars... and in theory that means it would like to trade back up to take them out this session?
just trying to learn the theory. thanks anybody.
Nice chart :) I believe that ES is making a B up and a C down is coming soon.