ES Thursday 9-12-13

the lines and zones I have for thursday and wednesday overnight.....will confirm in the morning
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bingo on the dec 1681.25 but no fill yet!
Came off at 87.75, stop at BE
finally, half off at 1681.25 looking for 1676.75 so ill bail on the runners at 1677.00 (Dec) if im lucky. i expect it to take a while tho
Nice job Koolblue, I'm doing the math and that put us to about 83-83.50 on the Sep. Also a good target. Any time they want to explore lower is OK with me.
Want to see 87.50 hold us to the down side now.
magnet - strong like bull !!!
thx Bkay... but truthfully, it was a risky trade because we were so neutral.. you can see the downtrend beginning tho.. right here we may rebound a bit
I was just playing off the resistance at 90.00. I would not give it much room above that. My stops would have been easy to steal
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magnet - strong like bull !!!
That's OK we can come back to it later
i hope it keeps droping for you guys who are still holding...for me that double top off the On high and the one tic miss on close gap has me concerned that it will keep going

85.25 is still critical area down here
Nice chart :) I believe that ES is making a B up and a C down is coming soon.