ES Thursday 9-12-13

the lines and zones I have for thursday and wednesday overnight.....will confirm in the morning
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never usually a hard stop unless a report is coming out or if I need to step away from runners.......I don't like having a stop more than 3 points....ideally it will be at a chart point that I don't expect the market to reach ....they seems to be about 1.75 - 2.75 points in this volatility...( the distance from my entry to a spot where i need/want to want to cover)....that makes sense given that the lines are falling in around every 2- 3 points
thanks Bruce
expecting the On low to run today but I would prefer to check higher first...the On trade worked but there is never enough on when correct to get longer targets before the stops outs....I'd really like to see that low run
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looking to sell also ( trading Dec contract today).watching for 1688 and 1674.50.

numbers im keeping an eye Dec contract today
i had one contract left on for that On low......lucky but the context of what happened yesterday afternoon helped and the failure at our 87.25 line was another help

reports coming
ideal buy point would be as close to 83.25 as possible but it seems that quicker traders reversed long at On low and will go for 87.25.....
koolblue, it's been a long time...great to see you back here!
oh yeah, welcome home Koolio ! Lets us know how lifes been treating you when you have time....great to see ya here
thx pal....
hello there Mr Kool
Nice chart :) I believe that ES is making a B up and a C down is coming soon.