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ES Thursday 9-12-13

the lines and zones I have for thursday and wednesday overnight.....will confirm in the morning
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Took some at 86, a little piece left or 83. Stop is just above the magnet
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es 12 13 15 min 9122013
Update: just wanted to show how the numbers are the same , even from two different initial moves...This gives me more confidence on the numbers but even tho were at the lower prc band the indicator is not yet were on track but expect a rebound any time..
after noon pull back low and LVN zone approaching on both sides of IB....seems so early for a balanced day

go bkay ...go !!!
Thought we might bounce at 84.50, looks like good volume down at the low let's see if they go for those singles YD
covered the balance here at 1678.00...the 5 min and 3 min charts are at the lower prc band and the indicator is also oversold ... low so far (1677.50)...still think lower is in the cards for later least.the short term chart will hopefully show why im being cautious
I didn't get them for my long yesterday so I may be obsessing
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es 12 13 5 min 9122013
..all in all, a decent trade...
I can't argue with that
It's times like these I say to myself "they gotta want that number, don"t they?"
kool, so u r using swings that have been exceeded to project from? was it always like that? like u said, it's been a long time and i may not remeber all of your guidelines


Originally posted by koolblue

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es 12 13 5 min 9122013
..all in all, a decent trade...

Nice chart :) I believe that ES is making a B up and a C down is coming soon.
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