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ES 1-5-2009

Watching the 910 area this morning...

VAL 910.25

910.50 is the 61.8% retrace level of Friday's up trend.

Below 910 we have the 904 level:

Weekly Pivot Point at 904
Daily S1 at 903.75

904.25 is the 78.6% retrace of Friday's up trend.

POC at 913.75... will probably be ignoring this level today.

Pivot Point 918.25... will be ignoring this level also.

s @ 25.50
1 off 24.50
flat be... if they cant get it over 28.25 will sell again
Originally posted by prestwickdrive

Originally posted by VOwater any comments on TLT! Thinking about selling my puts here - what says you?

I think you have a shot at getting the TLT to the 113.25 area but it may be worth it to just get out with less lost skin than what would have happened last week. Barron's was really negative on Treasuries this weekend and I think they are right, fwiw, but you are dealing with time decay too.

VO - they are getting closer
I can get $3 out of em...will prolly hold cause if I sell treasuries are going to 0
They might try to break fridays high on low volume before sending it south
trying 1 @ 27
$vold making new highs
flat you can go up without me
L @ 928.50
Originally posted by Margie

myptof, I thought you were joking the other day, hilarious!

lol, no its real...its just a divergence trade, need to have been in a trend and a higher high or double top (or close) The divergence is the big thing. I ended up drawing eyes and naming it for my own amusement. I've been calling it the Batman for years now.
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