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ES Short Term Trading 5-11-10

Here's the Price Action Support Resistance levels that I see. With the way the market has acted with all the volatility, they're spaced relatively wide apart ... and should be, as always, taken as "zones" give or take a point or two in this market.

Here's the 30m chart with S/R lines in Red and the Cyan dashed lines are the Wkly pivot prices ... Magenta line is semi-significant. Hope this is a helpful map.

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es 30m sr levels for 51110
that current low is 61 and that is real close to YD highs
57.75 is still secondary target if we roll up here....obviously fighting the trend!!
MP breakout players should have been satisfied above 64...that's twice the IB....they should at least test YD high again...$ticks weaker in last hour on this rally...OK enough reasons now lets actually have the damn trade work...!!
Duplicate post...don't trade and type...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well im long 2 from 1162.50, looking for 1167 and change .. 1165.50 was the 1.618 projection(one min chart) so a retrace might be in store here.
trying to exit closer to 1167.50.. order is at 1167.00

ow!.. that trade just put me up on the day!Whew!
well the projections i showed were at 1167.50 and that pop up was a classic prc sell... short (one only) from 1168.00, looking for the 1155 zone
we have air at 1155.50 and the prc median line is at 1155 so i'll exit 1155.75 hopefully
nice trade Kool ..u took my money at 65..trying again from 68.25...I will get my retest....!!! Tragteing 64 first...then the lows below this 30 minute bar....I may be early again
Originally posted by redsixspeed

Originally posted by feng456

followed my plan to the letter

Hey feng;

Record your trade from time to time. Call the trade as you
see it setting up, record what you say then go back later
listen to what you did right. This may be a good teacher...

You might also want to record what you're up to in the Trading Journals section of the site. Create a new topic for yourself and post what you're up to and when you didn't follow your plan.