ES 03-22-2011

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here is the cumulative tick on a daily basis to show the validity of its signals..
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sure is looking better for you shorts after that last test of least internals are breaking down a lot more than before...I hope you both get your targets and soon
just an FYI that 89.50 is open print for the week...
moved my stop to cost.
adjusted target 6 points
nice trade guys and good hold
big volume on that very last push...careful down here..air above
out at 1289.25,plus 4.75 on that half.. wow ...
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gap in the data at 91.25
Oh yeah, and BINGO!!! on 1288! (within a tick!)
Originally posted by apk781

gm all....looking to buy down at 87.75-88 area or so, lots of confluence for me down there and looking to sell in the 97.5 area (might stop at 95-95.5 before getting up to 97.5, which coincides with a big volume area bruce has been looking at)...nothing to do in between for me going fed...i did take a long at 90.75 (the 2.618 projection on my 1m chart up from 94.75-93.25) and unloaded it at 92.75...i am not gonna test my luck by trading again in this range we are in...good luck all

missed the buy by a tick, had a limit order at 88...oh well...good trading guys
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once again caution is the watchword! as the charts are mildly negative,but we just had nice pos. divergencies at the last low!...
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bingo!(within one tick... this is the important dividing line imho!... if 1283 doesnt hold then down we go, otherwise bulls still have hope here!