ES 03-22-2011

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1299.50 remains a important number for me ,should we continue rallying this afternoon (1288.25 to 1292.50 gives 2.618=1299.50). I point this out because that number keeps appearing on intraday moves!

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Posted - 03/22/2011 : 11:51:58

"i guess i'll try a short at 1292.75 if it gets there, but one only!.." Missed my entry by one tick... a little too conservative i guess ,buts thats ok... watching now!
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well, since the original proj was 1289.25 and now im looking for 1289.50 i'll try a long at 1289.50(if we get there)
Looks like bears accumulating...

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The last day and todays somewhat boring trading indicate to me that this market REALLY wants to go much higher!... BUT ITS JUST NOT READY YET! Theres still plenty of 'news' ie:Japan, and Libya so some kind of retrenchment first is kind of what im looking for. The overall picture from sentimentrader seems to support that view ,imho!...
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...and yes , im aware i was just one ticked again!
If they are rejected here, the covering of somany contracts with a "thin book" may cause closing one or two gaps above. Of course they may prevail. All I see that they entered.
heres how i look at ticks...
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long from 1289.50, but this will be a real quickie!
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once again caution is the watchword! as the charts are mildly negative,but we just had nice pos. divergencies at the last low!...
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bingo!(within one tick... this is the important dividing line imho!... if 1283 doesnt hold then down we go, otherwise bulls still have hope here!