ES 03-22-2011

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that's a poor low at the 90.50....looking for that to be traded through...prefer sells near open print now...
gm all....looking to buy down at 87.75-88 area or so, lots of confluence for me down there and looking to sell in the 97.5 area (might stop at 95-95.5 before getting up to 97.5, which coincides with a big volume area bruce has been looking at)...nothing to do in between for me going fed...i did take a long at 90.75 (the 2.618 projection on my 1m chart up from 94.75-93.25) and unloaded it at 92.75...i am not gonna test my luck by trading again in this range we are in...good luck all
short 93.50....we know that area !!! I want to see this get out of OR low soon...internals are even steven a tricky area to initiate
took 3 off at 91.25 because the 91 has been a problem recently...holding three...need volume to break away from 93.75 number still
took one more off at 90.25..that broke the poor low...holding two...I'll try for yesterdays low....but this is an open inside a range and trade on both sides of expecting trend is not a great idea....but we do know that will break either the high or low of the previous day over 80% of the time....
Here is a look at CD on the VWAP chart. Big selling but price seems unable to break away from VWAP.

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last two stopped out at 92.25....93.75 still the magnet
selling above 93.75 now...
good morning! im with you Bruce!.. just sold 1294.00 ,charts and reasoning in a minute!
The $tick is hitting more of the lower extremes of yesterdays $tick and can't to come close to the average extremes of YD highs in $tick...I'd like to see ad line get more negative though..
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once again caution is the watchword! as the charts are mildly negative,but we just had nice pos. divergencies at the last low!...
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bingo!(within one tick... this is the important dividing line imho!... if 1283 doesnt hold then down we go, otherwise bulls still have hope here!