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ES 10-09-08

buying @ 998.5

stop 994.5

i think it goes to 1010 - 1015 and back to the lows.
Cmon..Get off the boll avg and run to 973 or 987 before i die of boredom!
right after i sent it off i just looked at a composite with globex and they need to turn the corner hereat 78 and i see the ledge at 75
buying 971-3
Originally posted by Benny

I heard a while back she's not there as much but the fella Chris is the room mod that's pushing buttons could be different these days but this was about a year ago

Well she doesn't go into the free room, her private es futures room is $500 a month and she, from what I understand is in there all day calling her own trades, but you cannot ask any questions or say anything. Chris is in the basic room calling the trades with the same style Linda uses but. I think I might try a month. This is all hear-say. I'll check it out...
Margie , POP ... see that 1 min bowl?
dam, cant buy untill 9:52-6:01!
Kool, yes, starting at 12:06 correct? It is still forming??
buying any way..971.50
long one 971.50,just now entering the time zone for a low
Originally posted by koolblue

YEAH, Joe .. as i said i did! But i was sure it could be mastered and after using every system known at the time , i decided to be my own 'expert' and develop my own thing! been fine ever since!

Well said, You can hear it a million times but its whats needed...a system. I am counter trend trader most of the time so its a given that you'll draw down a fairly large amount at times. But my draw downs are smaller than my winners, and once losses occur I go smaller on contract size and then add back to it when things go back to normal. I don't need a new system I just wish I knew how to flip the counter trend trader off and turn on the trend trader in an instant.
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