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ES 10-09-08

buying @ 998.5

stop 994.5

i think it goes to 1010 - 1015 and back to the lows.
added 942 avg now 944.5
Kool, great trading.
Margie, have you followed most of the cycles i was hitting or tried to anyway? Dont forget i watch my avgs and tech. too!
Yes, I have been following along. Yesterday I did great with the cycles in the am. Today it was moving a little too fast for me to trade but I could see the cycles. Then I stepped away right before we fell off the cliff. I see you using the boll band and the 54 moving average. I have the %R on my screen also. Also, I get what you are saying about the MACD and have a whole different opinion on it now. I look for the divergences and sure enough it tells the trend.
God , seven crash days in a row .AVG 60 plus handle range! I guess i may be right about yhe low the 14th or 15th , but at what price? Scary. GM now on credit watch! Man, the times they are a changin!
short 1 YM and long 1 ES

any idea how it works with stop order on both side

Good for u girl! your making tremendous progrss quickly . A year from now itll get easy!
Margie, 9:40 to about 11:05 or so, 888 next week maybe?
OR MAYBE TOMORROW! What was the 02 low anyway 768?
Think they will reinstate the no short sell on financials tonight?
Originally posted by koolblue

YEAH, Joe .. as i said i did! But i was sure it could be mastered and after using every system known at the time , i decided to be my own 'expert' and develop my own thing! been fine ever since!

Well said, You can hear it a million times but its whats needed...a system. I am counter trend trader most of the time so its a given that you'll draw down a fairly large amount at times. But my draw downs are smaller than my winners, and once losses occur I go smaller on contract size and then add back to it when things go back to normal. I don't need a new system I just wish I knew how to flip the counter trend trader off and turn on the trend trader in an instant.
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